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Since 1993

History of Dallas’ French Fries

In the summer of 1956 Theodore “Ted” Dallas had the decision of continuing to sell life insurance or invest his time and efforts and start a small business. With the support of his future bride Charlene he set up his first concession stand at the Tropical Treat Restaurant and Drive-In located in Stowe, PA.

His entrepreneurial spirit, friendly demeanor and delicious product soon captured a loyal following for his fresh cut fries.

DF Terrific Trio Smaller

Business grew slowly in those early years through trial and error in finding the best locations to offer his popular product. Often with his family of 4 young girls in tow, Lisa, Karen and Nancy (the twins), and Julie, he and Charlene could be found at Local Auto Race Tracks, Reading Fairground Events as well as community and sporting events.

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